Winter Webinar

Beginning a series of webinars, the EURAMED Communications Committee on February 15 hosted the EURAMED Winter Webinar, which introduced the projects involving EURAMED as a partner or coming from the EURAMED community. Partners from each project described the objectives, tasks and early results, demonstrating the cutting edge in medical radiation protection research, and how stakeholders can get involved and benefit. Q&A followed for participation among the more than 70 audience members.

The webinar comprised the following presentations.

  1. EURAMED introduction/membership (Erato Stylianou Markidou, Ruhi Onur & EURAMED President Boris Brkljačić)
  2. EURAMED Rocc’n’Roll (Guy Frija, clincal coordinator)
  3. SINFONIA (John Damilakis, scientific coordinator)
  4. i-Violin (Hilde Bosmans, WP leader)
  5. PIANOFORTE (Jean-Christophe Gariel, coordinator)
  6. EURAMED Imaging/AI Working Group (John Damilakis, group leader)

Future webinars will be announced on the news portion of the homepage and by EURAMED’s founding societies.
EURAMED webinar presentation