Welcome to our new full member Otto von Guericke University

We are very happy to welcome Otto von Guericke University (OvGU) as a new full member of EURAMED as of August 2021.

Combining research from the medical, natural and engineering sciences, OvGU has been active in the field of medical applications of ionising radiation. Its use in imaging and therapy, including optimisation and correspondingly radiation protection, makes medical technology one of the key areas of one of the two research foci of the university. The relevant members of the university’s faculty and staff are very active in applications for third-party funding in this field and collaborate in many national, European and intercontinental endeavours. For example, OvGU has contributed at length to the European Society of Radiology’s Eurosafe Imaging Working Group, various sessions of the European Congress of Radiology, and other related research and training activities within Europe and abroad.

Many university chairs are already involved in projects complementary to EURAMED such as MEDIRAD, EURAMED rocc-n-roll and SINFONIA, in addition to the active role of its EURAMED representative, including serving as chair of the Scientific Committee and European Radiation Protection Week Scientific Committee and representative to the Consortium of European Radiation Research Platforms (MEENAS), during the founding period of EURAMED. Such extensive collaboration can only be furthered as a full member of the platform. OvGU also seeks to increase its European partnerships in the field of medical radiation protection research and thereby actively contribute to the success of EURAMED.

We look forward to fruitful collaboration!