Welcome to our new full member ISGlobal

We are very happy to welcome ISGlobal as a new full member of EURAMED as of mid-April 2021.

ISGlobal is a well-established international leader in radiation epidemiology and has been highly involved in a lot of European funded projects for more than 10 years. ISGlobal is a main contributor to the development of research projects in addition to contributing to the Strategic Research Agenda on low-dose research, dosimetry and also on medically exposed population.

The Radiation Programme of ISGlobal, headed by Prof. Elisabeth Cardis since its creation in 2008, has a long-standing history of research activities toward improving our understanding of potential risks associated with exposures to ionising and non-ionising radiation. Within the Radiation Programme, the Medical Radiation Group was established in 2017 to foster research on following-up population exposed to ionising radiation in the medical context, including both diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, paediatric and adult populations.

ISGlobal is full member of most EU Radiation Protection Platforms (MELODI, NERIS, SHARE) while Isabelle Thierry-Chef (representative in the General Assembly) is also a member of EURADOS. ISGlobal seeks to strengthen collaborative links within the medical European RP community and European medical associations to contribute to generating knowledge for translation to serve the medical community in the daily care.

We look forward to a fruitful collaboration!