Welcome to our new corporate member Qaelum

We are very happy to welcome Qaelum as a new corporate member of EURAMED as of mid-March 2021.

Qaelum is a fast-growing spin-off company from the University Hospitals Leuven. It is a highly innovative company, providing solutions for actual and near-future challenges in the application of ionising radiation in medicine. In particular, Qaelum has extensive knowledge in radiation dose management. Therefore, research and development is a crucial component in order to identify everyday problems and develop relevant solutions. These solutions aim to improve patient safety and the quality of medical imaging departments around the world.

The company actively participates in national, European and international conferences where the safe application of ionising radiation is in the spotlight (e.g., ECR, ECMP, AAPM, ERPW). Moreover, Qaelum also contributes to several research projects like SINFONIA, aiming at quality optimisation and patient safety. Qaelum also supports scientific research performed by customers by motivating them and providing assistance throughout the optimisation process.

Starting from the medical imaging field and with a strong research culture, Qaelum shares EURAMED’s goal to promote optimisation and radiation protection. With an active presence on 4 continents and products implemented in the medical facilities of more than 25 countries, the company’s mission is to make healthcare safer, raise radiation dose awareness and promote quality optimisation and radiation protection through an advanced software portfolio.

We look forward to fruitful collaboration!

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