Roadmap on Medical Apps of Ionising Radiation released!

The European Union has published the Medical Applications of Ionising Radiation for Better Patients’ Lives: a European Research Roadmap, a major outcome of the EURAMED Rocc-n-Roll project that also builds on the challenges and research needs identified in its Strategic Research Agenda. Based on a patient-centric approach, the roadmap presents 8 potential breakthroughs that may significantly impact medical applications of ionising radiation in relation to patients’ life expectancy and quality of life, radiation protection and healthcare systems.

The vision of this roadmap is to provide guidance to European policymakers, funders, and the scientific and clinical communities regarding priority research, infrastructure development, and education and training actions related to medical applications of ionising radiation. The roadmap also takes into account the European funding landscape for health and digital innovation, as well as actions carried out within the scope of the Strategic Agenda for Medical Ionising Radiation Applications (SAMIRA), to drive progress in personalised medicine using medical applications of ionising radiation in Europe.

The publication may be read in PDF Reader or downloaded from the EU Publications Office.