RICOMET 2022 conference gets underway in 2 months

Organised by our partner platform Social Sciences and Humanities in Ionising Radiation Research (SHARE), the 2022 iteration of the annual RICOMET conference will take place from 10-12 May in Utrecht, Netherlands. Relevant research from the medical radiation protection community is highly encouraged!

RICOMET 2022 sessions will be organized in parallel with the Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material NORM X conference. The sessions will address societal aspects of ionising radiation in various applications, for instance, medical applications, nuclear energy production, radioactive waste management, emergency preparedness, response and recovery, and decommissioning nuclear installations. RICOMET 2022 will present abstracts dealing with:

  • Factors influencing perceptions, expectations and behaviours
  • Holistic approaches to governance
  • Responsible research and innovation
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Risk and health communication
  • Radiological protection culture

More information on this important annual conference is available on the conference website.