Register as a stakeholder for the PIANOFORTE project

The PIANOFORTE project (‘Partnership for European Research in Radiation Protection and Detection of Ionizing Radiation: Towards safer use and better protection of the environment and human health’ (2022-2027)) started in June 2022. The overarching vision of PIANOFORTE is to consolidate radiation protection research and the innovation community to support national authorities and the European Union in decision making. It is structured to ensure progress in knowledge, methods and innovative technologies and skills to address the gaps that currently exist in knowledge, societal concerns and emerging issues related to radiation protection. The research funded within this partnership aims to contribute to improving the protection of the public, workers, patients and the environment from medical, occupational and environmental exposure to ionising radiation. PIANOFORTE brings together 58 partners representing 22 EU countries as well as Norway and United Kingdom.

The vision of PIANOFORTE can only be achieved with consistent, transparent reaction to stakeholder needs. Therefore, within PIANOFORTE, particular attention will be paid to stakeholder engagement, i.e., involvement of a wide set of radiation protection stakeholders in various activities in the next months and years to make sure Pianoforte meets the requirements of Europe’s citizens. One objective is to make a broad stakeholder network in order to meet and integrate different expectations related to radiation protection as best as possible. Another part of the stakeholder engagement is formation of a Stakeholder and Advisory Board.

EURAMED as a platform is a partner in the project and contributes to various work packages. However, individual experts are encouraged to sign up as stakeholders and contribute to various consultations and related activities. With respect to ongoing stakeholder activities, please find more information at PIANOFORTE website and register.

Topical online stakeholder meetings, as the first stakeholder activities, will be soon organised with the following objectives:

  • Presentation and discussion of the stakeholders’ role in the PIANOFORTE partnership
  • Discussion of stakeholders’ opinions and views on the identified research priorities and prioritization criteria for the first open call to fund projects within the PIANOFORTE partnership (Documents with draft research priorities will be available in advance for those interested in this meeting)

Therefore, save the date for the online meeting: 15 November 2022, 12:00-14:00 CET and register here.