NFRP-2019-2020-14: Improving low-dose radiation risk appraisal in medicine

Type of action: RIA Research and Innovation action
Deadline Model: single-stage
Planned opening date: 15 May 2019
Deadline: 25 September 2019 17:00:00 Brussels time

Specific Challenge:

Nowadays medical care extensively uses ionising radiation for diagnostic and therapy. Together with natural radiation, medical applications are the main contributor to the exposure of the European population to ionising radiation. The use of appropriate radioisotopes in nuclear medicine in diagnostic and therapy (theranostics) is progressing. The reinforced risk appraisal of medical exposure will reinforce consideration of benefits. It includes the selection of appropriate radioactive cytostatic compounds and the establishment of adequate controls of their discharges in water streams by selecting short-lived radioisotopes that take into account the protection of workers, carers and comforters, the public and the environment. These progresses will be faster if more certainty about overall detriment is available. Moreover, the medical sector is the best place to keep record of the overall health condition of patients. Thus, using data of patients in the medical sector together with radiation exposure records will improve knowledge. Previous funding efforts have launched collaboration between radiological protection specialists and medical doctors. It deserves further collaboration as results can be used for other exposure situations.

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