EURAMED Management

Executive Board

(November 2021 until the 2023 General Assembly in October)

President: Boris Brkljačić, Croatia (ESR)
President-Elect: François Paris, France (ESTRO)
Past-President: Klaus Bacher, Belgium (EANM)
Secretary: Paddy Gilligan, Ireland (EFOMP)
Treasurer: Graciano Paulo, Portugal (EFRS)
Member at large: Guy Frija, France
Member at large: Marc Benderitter, France

Membership Committee

Uta Eberlein, Germany

Klaus Bacher, Belgium
Jonathan McNulty, Ireland
Roberto Mariano Sanchez Casanueva, Spain

Communications Committee

Erato Stylianou Markidou, Cyprus

Carst Buissink, Netherlands

Mehmet Ruhi Onur, Türkiye
Núria Jornet, Spain

Klaus Bacher, Belgium

Scientific Committee

Christoph Hoeschen, Germany

Joana Santos, Portugal

Marc Benderitter, France
Hugo de las Heras, Germany
Salvador Pedraza, Spain
Lara Struelens, Belgium
Mark Konijnenberg, Netherlands
Shane Foley, Ireland
Ramona Bouwman, Netherlands

Scientific Committee Working Group: Advancing precision, effectiveness and safety in oncologic care by imaging and artificial intelligence

Purpose: To study innovative methods of 3D imaging and machine learning to advance cancer therapy and patient dose optimisation
Subgroups: Imaging, Quality Control, Radiotherapy, Workflow

John Damilakis, Greece

Amine Benadjaoud, France
Leonor Cerdà Alberich, Spain
Giuseppe D’Avenio, Italy
Luana de Freitas Nascimento, Belgium
Luis Martí-Bonmartí, Spain
Peter van Ooijen, Netherlands
Dimitris Visvikis, France
Habib Zaidi, Switzerland

EURAMED Secretariat

The EURAMED office is hosted by the European Institute for Biomedical Imaging Research (EIBIR) based in Vienna, Austria under the lead of Ms. Monika Hierath.