EURAMED Management

Executive Board

(October 2017 until the 2nd ordinary General Assembly)

President: John Damilakis, Greece
Vice-President: Klaus Bacher, Belgium
Past President: Christoph Hoeschen, Germany
Secretary: Wolfgang Doerr, Austria
Treasurer: Graciano Paulo, Portugal
Member at large: Guy Frija, France


Membership Committee

Guy Frija, France

Klaus Bacher, Belgium
Wolfgang Doerr, Austria
Jonathan McNulty, Ireland
Virginia Tsapaki, Greece

Scientific Committee

Chair: Christoph Hoeschen, Germany

Communications Committee

Chair: Virginia Tsapaki, Greece

EURAMED Secretariat

The EURAMED office is hosted by the European Institute for Biomedical Imaging Research (EIBIR) based in Vienna, Austria under the lead of Ms. Monika Hierath.