Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan

EURAMED applauds publication of ambitious Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan just in time for World Cancer Day

On 3 February 2021, the day before the World Cancer Day, the European Commission published its ambitous Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan.

It is structured around four key action areas (prevention, early detection, diagnosis & treatment, improve quality of life) with 10 flagship initiatives and multiple supporting actions. It will be implemented using the whole range of Commission funding instruments, with a total of €4 billion being earmarked for actions addressing cancer, including from the EU4Health programme, Horizon Europe and the Digital Europe programme.

It is an ambitious plan, but with quite some specific initiatives for the imaging community at large. EURAMED is pleased to see that the plan also addresses quality and safety of imaging procedures using ionising radiation and references the EURATOM programme and Samira initiative.

This shows that the establishment of EURAMED has been an important step to highlight and address the needs for research in this area and, above all, to integrate this field into the broader health research context to ensure utmost patient safety.

Further details are available here: