Euratom stakeholder consultation for RTP 2014–2020

As part of a final evaluation, the Euratom Commission is carrying out a public stakeholder consultation with those who participated in the Research and Training Programmes 2014–2020 (whether or not in a coordinating role). All who participated are invited to reply to a questionnaire, which can be reached by following this link (password: euratom2022).

The aim of the consultation is to ensure that stakeholders have been given an opportunity to express their views and suggestions on all elements important for the final evaluation of the Euratom Programmes, such as the relevance, coherence, EU-value added, efficiency and effectiveness of the actions. Your responses will help the Euratom Commission get a better idea of the impact its Programmes have had, what worked well and what could have been done better, and in general how the stakeholders feel about what Euratom is doing. Even if, in the meantime, you have moved on,the Commission is still interested in learning about your experience of its Programmes. Should you have any questions, you may contact the Commission via email.

Please note the deadline for submission of Saturday, 31 December 2022.