ERPW Poster Session list

ERPW Digital Poster Session – 24 November, 13:15–14:00

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C. BAUDIN Salivary Dysfuctions after Radioiodine Treatment (START): Preliminary Results of a Self-Controlled Study in France
M. BIRSCHWILKS RadoNorm – Towards Effective Radiation Protection Based on Improved Scientific Evidence and Social Consideration – Focus on Radon and NORM
N. BOROUMAND Cancer-Related Changes in Human Non-Tumourigenic Lung Epithelial Cells Exposed to Alpha Radiation in Combination with Nicotine
H. BOSMANS Continuous Education and Training through a Dose Management Platform
R. BOUWMAN Physiologically Based Pharmacokinetic Modelling for Novel Radiopharmaceuticals Using a Multilevel Object-Oriented Modelling Methodology
M. BUCHER Dose Variations Using an X Ray Cabinet to Establish In Vitro Dose-Response Curves for Biological Dosimetry Assays
C.J. CARUANA An Innovative Curriculum Model to Boost the Number of Medical Physicists and Radiation Protection Experts in Radiation Medicine
Z. ČEMUSOVÁ Response of Current Environmental Dosemeters to New Operational Quantities
Y.Y. CHOI Neutrophil Infiltration in Radiation-Induced Cardiovascular Inflammation
S. DELLA MONACA Optimization Process in Radiotherapy (OPRORA) Project: Dosimetry Audit on VMAT and IMRT for Prostate and Head and Neck Treatment
N. DELLO Effect of Antioxidant rA1M on Expression of Apoptosis and Oxidative Stress Related Genes during 177Lu-Octreotate Treatment of GOT1 Neuroendocrine Tumours
V. DINI The Questionnaire on GDPR Compliance Developed in the Framework of MEDIRAD Project: Results
D. DUNDARA DEBELJUH Typical Effective Dose Values in Nuclear Medicine Single Photon Emission Imaging in Croatia
D. ENDESFELDER RENEB Inter-Laboratory Comparison: Biological Dosimetry Based on Dicentric Chromosomes
I. GARALI ZINEDDINE Effects of Low-Dose γ Radiation on Atherosclerosis in Apoe(-/-) Mice: Study of Short-Term Effects on Macrophage Polarization
P. GILLIGAN EFOMP: Perspective on the Current Role and Future Direction of the Physical Scientist as a Medical Physics and Radiation Protection Expert
S. GRANDE Optimisation Process in Radiotherapy (OPRORA) Project: Clinical Audit on VMAT and IMRT for Prostate and Head & Neck Treatment
B. KHANBABAEE The European Metrology Network for Radiation Protection: Benefits and Challenges
N. KOBALIA Methodologies Used for the Optimisation of Radiation Doses Applied in Stereotactic Radiosurgery of a Brain Tumour
O. LAURENT Radiological Component of the Exposome, Multiple Exposures, Risks of Cancer and Other Chronic Diseases in the Constances Cohort (CORALE)
Y.H. LEE Cytogenetic Biodosimetry Intercomparison Exercises among Laboratories in South Korea
Y. LEE Cytogenetic Aberrations after Partial-Body Irradiation during Fractionated Radiotherapy
M. LÓPEZ RIEGO Cellular and Gene Expression Changes in VH-10 and AHH-1 Cells after Chronic and Acute Exposure to Low Doses of Low, High and Mixed LET Ionizing Radiation
C. MACHADO Managing Patients in High-Dose Procedures at Centro Hospitalar Universitário do Porto
C. MACHADO Occupational Radiation Exposure in Chemoembolizations: Evaluation of Doses in Different Body Regions of Professionals with Different Roles in the Procedure
N. MAHMOOD QuADRANT: Continuous Improvement through Clinical Audit in Radiology, Radiotherapy and Nuclear Medicine
N. MAHMOOD The Current Status of Uptake of European Basic Safety Standard (2013/59/Euratom) Requirements
E. MAREMONTI AOP Development of Reproductive Effects from Gamma Radiation Exposure in Caenorhabditis Elegans
P. MILDENBERGER Comprehensive Reporting Solution with Integrated Radiation Dose and Quality Analysis
R.M. SÁNCHEZ Your Occupational Dose in Your Pocket: Helping to Know Personal Occupational Doses to Improve the Interventional Practices
K. SCHEIFF Investigation of Monolithic and Pixelated Detectors and Two-Layer Geometry for Hemispheric PET Systems: A Simulation Study
K. SIMONSSON Effects of rA1M on the Regulation of Apoptotic Related Genes in Kidney Medulla after 177Lu-Octreotate Injection in Mice
S. SIOEN The Cytokinesis-Block Micronucleus Assay on Human Cryopreserved Whole Blood and Isolated Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells
H. SUNG Characteristics of Complete Blood Cell Count among Radiation Workers in South Korea (2014–2019)
Y. TOMKIV SHARE – European Platform for Social Sciences and Humanities in Ionising Radiation Research
Y. TSUNOYAMA Prediction of Changes in the Frequency of Chromosome Aberrations in Peripheral Blood Lymphocytes after Radiotherapy
Y. TSUNOYAMA Proposal of a New Model Including Proliferation and Irradiation for Cancer Therapy
K. UCHINOMIYA A Study Using a Mathematical Model on the Radiation Damage Suppression Effect by Stem Cell Competition
M. VIDOTTO Investigation on Coastal Sand as a Fortuitous Dosimeter by Optically Stimulated Luminescence

Additionally, posters were submitted to complement presentations in Session 3: Low-Dose Research and Session 4: General Dosimetry and Various Topics, respectively

H. SCHÖLLNBERGER Dose-Responses for Mortality from Cerebrovascular and Heart Diseases in Atomic Bomb Survivors: 1950–2003
H. SCHÖLLNBERGER Radio-Biologically Motivated Modeling of Radiation Risks of Mortality from Ischemic Heart Diseases in the Canadian Fluoroscopy Cohort Study