ERPW Poster Session (20)

ERPW Digital Poster Session – 24 November, 13:15–14:00

Mr. S. Sioen, Ghent University, Belgium

ERPW Poster_Sioen

2 thoughts on “ERPW Poster Session (20)”

  1. Thanks for your interesting study. Your study is valuable for monitoring radiation-induced damages and performing biodosimetry.
    Have you checked any change in the number of binucleated cells from frozen cell pellet? I think obtainable cell no. might be reduced due to cell death caused by freezing and defrosting steps. Was there any difficulty on obtaining enough binucleated cells? How did you handle this issue?

  2. Can you please give more details about the method? Were whole blood samples always irradiated before cryopreservation or were the isolated lymphocytes irradiated after cryopreservation (in figure 1 and 2)? How long were the whole blood/ lymphocytes cryopreserved in figure 1?
    Were the samples from the radiation-sensitive patients in figures 4 and 5 also cryopreserved?
    Was the goal of the study to use unirradiated, cryopreserved lymphocytes as a kind of “internal control” for testing procedures that could be thawed and irradiated whenever needed, or was it to study already irradiated lymphocytes in a time-delayed manner?

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