ERPW Poster Session (16)

ERPW Digital Poster Session – 24 November, 13:15–14:00

Dr. D. Endesfelder, Federal Office for Radiation Protection (BfS), Germany

ERPW Poster_Endesfelder

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  1. Hi David. Thanks for your interesting study. I also think the overestimation is related to the radiation quality they used for their own calibration curve. Was the overestimation observed in labs to use x-ray curve? Or have you compared the dose rate?

  2. … thank you very much for your comment. From the literature we would expect that the differences in RBE between the used X-ray source and the gamma-ray curves, used by most labs in this ILC, explain parts of the observed overestimation but not everything. Only relatively few labs used X-ray curves in this ILC, and for those few the variability in energy spectra of the X-ray sources was relatively high. Hence, it is relatively difficult to quantify whether labs with X-ray curves did better. For the great majority of labs, the dose rates were in the range suggested for acute exposures in the literature.

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