ERPW Poster Session (13)

ERPW Digital Poster Session – 24 November, 13:15–14:00

Dr. R.M. Sánchez, Hospital Clinico San Carlos and Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain

ERPW Poster_Sanchez

4 thoughts on “ERPW Poster Session (13)”

  1. This tool looks to be easy to be used and provides real time information on dosimetry. i could imagine that several potential users should be convinced to use it.I imagine this tooll could be also used for audit and for education? Congratulations, i like it. Is there any similar existing tools ? You should promote it. Maybe we could propose its promotion through Eurosafe imaging in particular by the WG on Clinical dosimetry chaired by E. Vaneo. Please contact me with cc to him (

  2. Very interesting and relevant work. Is it possible to think of applying it in other fields, such as nuclear medicine, where small accidents / near misses may occur to be taken into account?

  3. Nice application of online dosimetry, indeed.
    I was also wondering if the dosimeter are accredited as official dosimeters (or do they need to be worn in addition to the official dosimeters). Also, the Raysafe dosimeters are relatively expensive, I think?

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