ERPW Poster Session (1)

ERPW Digital Poster Session – 24 November, 13:15–14:00

Prof. C.J. Caruana, Medical Physics, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Malta, Malta

ERPW Poster_Caruana

3 thoughts on “ERPW Poster Session (1)”

  1. Nice to see a dedicated topic on Professional Issues in Medical Physics and Radiation Protection in the curriculum.

    Do I understand it correctly that nuclear and particle physics are only thaught in year 4?
    If I read the curriculum correctly, this is after the core on medical physics and radiation protection, and even after Monte Carlo simulations…

  2. Hello Tom, thank you for the question. Actually we teach the nuclear and particle physics strictly necessary for Medical Physics and Radiation Protection in the Medical Physics and Radiation Protection units in years 1, 2 and 3. However in year 4 they join the BSc Physics students for the full course on the topics as delivered to all Physics undergraduates at our university. Our aim is that at the end of the programme (a) graduates can opt for further studies in nuclear and particle physics should they wish to do so (b) have very good foundations for medical physics and radiation protection. It’s also necessary for those who might opt for the nuclear industry in Europe. It’s a spiral type curriculum. Hope it’s clear. Come back to me if not. Cheers Carmel

  3. Hi Carmel
    Do you think that the needs in diagnostic imaging and in radiotherapy and likely in nuclear medicine are of the same complexity? In other words would it be possible to stratify the curiculum accordingly with the expertise needed during the professional life? And maybe to shorten the curiculum for some situations whilst eventually to make it somewhat longer for other applications?
    Allowing during the professional course to acquire a complementary curiculum might be also an option in cas of a shorten one.

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