EC launches European Cancer Imaging Initiative on Jan. 23

The European Commission announces today the official launch of the European Cancer Imaging Initiative, one of the Flagship Initiatives of the Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan, on 23 January 10:30–13:00 CET.

The imaging community has been awarded the EUCAIM project (Federated European Infrastructure for Cancer Image Data), which will be the cornerstone of the European Cancer Imaging Initiative under the scientific leadership of Prof. Luis Martí-Bonmatí and under EIBIR coordination. The project will officially kick off the same day and feature prominently at the EC launch event, with introductory statements from two EU Commissioners.

Prof. Regina Beets-Tan will be a panelist at the EC launch event and contribute the clinical perspective.

The event will be streamed for online participation and you are most welcome to join the event online and register at