Welcome to our new member, Prof. Umberto Galderisi!

We welcome a new individual member of EURAMED, Prof. Umberto Galderisi! Prof. Galderisi is since 2018 a professor of molecular biology in the Department of Experimental Medicine at the University of Campania “Luigi Vanvitelli” in Naples, Italy. His interests include low-dose radiation, radiation protection, mesenchymal stem cells and tumour pathogenesis. He was recently involved as … Read more

Complete the PIANOFORTE e-survey

What do you need from radiation protection research in the next years? What do you think is currently missing – in practice, application, jurisdiction and research? All are kindly invited to address these questions in a survey of the European PIANOFORTE partnership (Horizon-EURATOM-2021-NRT-01-09). The survey aims to gather the opinions and an understanding of various … Read more

Log in to EURAMED Rocc-n-Roll RP training webinars

From January 23–26, 2023, the EURAMED Rocc-n-Roll project will hold a radiation protection training event for health professionals. As part of the WP7 methodological framework to “train the trainers,” the series will guide health professionals and researchers on how to organize, implement and disseminate education and training in medical radiation protection among health professionals and … Read more

Euratom stakeholder consultation for RTP 2014–2020

As part of a final evaluation, the Euratom Commission is carrying out a public stakeholder consultation with those who participated in the Research and Training Programmes 2014–2020 (whether or not in a coordinating role). All who participated are invited to reply to a questionnaire, which can be reached by following this link (password: euratom2022). The … Read more

RadoNorm webinar on citizen science, Nov. 7

RadoNorm is looking to fund and support citizen science initiatives related to radon testing or radon mitigation in radon prone areas in order to improve radiation protection. RadoNorm is seeking to partner with: New citizen science projects on radon looking for support, financial and otherwise, to grow and become sustainable Communities interested in co-designing research … Read more

Note from the ERPW 2022 organiser

Now that the European Radiation Protection Week has concluded, Pedro Vaz, on behalf of the ERPW 2022 local organising committee, thanks the Scientific Committee for its outstanding contributions that helped shape a successful conference programme and thanks all for your participation in the scientific sessions and social events in Estoril, Portugal. Approximately 370 attendees were … Read more

Register as a stakeholder for the PIANOFORTE project

The PIANOFORTE project (‘Partnership for European Research in Radiation Protection and Detection of Ionizing Radiation: Towards safer use and better protection of the environment and human health’ (2022-2027)) started in June 2022. The overarching vision of PIANOFORTE is to consolidate radiation protection research and the innovation community to support national authorities and the European Union … Read more

EURAMED & Medical RP at ERPW2022

EURAMED will be well represented at the 2022 European Radiation Protection Week at the Estoril Congress Centre in Estoril, Portugal on October 9–14! EURAMED members will chair 2 sessions of abstract presentations on medical applications of ionising radiation plus host a session of invited speakers on hot topics in clinical medicine using ionising radiation. In … Read more

PIANOFORTE announces travel grants and courses

The PIANOFORTE project begins in 2022 with the aim of effecting an integrated approach in the field of radiation protection to support the EU and national authorities take up new knowledge, innovative methods, technologies and skills to address societal concerns and emerging issues. Under this project, funding is provided for a first round of travel … Read more

MEDIRAD results posted on EU CORDIS

A new article describing the results of the recently concluded MEDIRAD project has been posted on the EU’s CORDIS website. The results come after nearly 5 years of project work to analyse the health impact of ionising radiation and propose new tools for safer medical radiation clinical practice. The article also provides a link to … Read more